Wifi Extender not connecting to Internet | Updated Solution

Is your wifi extender not connecting to Internet?

After trying Netgear router reset process several times, are you still bothered by extender wifi connectivity issue?

Then, try looking for some serious and more genuine solutions against Lost Internet connection on Netgear extender.

To find answer for all the above queries, stay tuned and resolve your extender problem.

You may refer Netgear router reset instructions, in case, you haven't tried the process before!

Wifi Extender not connecting to Internet

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As, you read the solutions, you’ll see all the following problems will be resolved.

  • Netgear extender not connecting to internet
  • Lost Internet connection on Netgear extender
  • Wifi extender configured but not connecting to internet
  • Cannot restore Internet connection on extender after change in Settings

Note: In case, you can’t relate to these above error signs, no worries. Simply execute the steps below in sequence.

You’ll surely end up with working Netgear extender.

Why Wifi Extender not connecting to Internet? – Know your Reasons

Wondering- why shall I focus on causes when I can directly apply the solutions?

Well, this would save your time from executing each solution.

As, by knowing the exact reason- you can implement only the relevant troubleshooting steps from the post ahead.

So, let’s have a quick glance over the list if causes!

Outdated Firmware

Every Netgear extender users know that if the router or extender firmware isn’t updated timely, it will no more remain compatible with the device.

So, make sure to update the firmware for the devices. In case, you are bothered during the process, see:

How to fix Netgear router firmware update issue

Steps to resolve Extender firmware update failure.

Incorrect IP address

If the extender’s IP address is not identical to that assigned on router then, no matter what- you’ll never be able to access internet via Netgear extender.

Wrong Extender Configuration and Wifi Extender not connecting to Internet

Correct Netgear extender settings are as important as successful completion of the extender setup.

That means, any incorrect step or value entered during the setup will trouble you later with wifi connectivity issue.

Extender Position

If your new extender is placed near the radio waves emitting device or in the dead zone, you won’t be able to see any extender SSID for connectivity purpose.

Incompatible System Changes

Sudden operating system update or change in router software configuration may also trouble you with issues like Netgear extender name seen but no internet.

Poor Signal Strength and Wifi Extender not connecting to Internet

Obviously, if your router displays weak signal strength or no Internet connection via wifi extender then, you will see ‘wifi extender configured but not connecting to internet’ error message.

Virus Attack

Malware on your computer, mobile, or over the network can block your Extender path from connecting to Internet.

So, it’s always advised to keep your system secure with premium security software.

Red light on Router

It’s one of the weird error messages that can directly affect the extender connection with router.

In case, you find this error signs over your router then, firstly see how to troubleshoot Netgear router red light problem.

And, later try connecting your Netgear extender with router.

Damaged Hardware and Wifi Extender not connecting to Internet

Besides software reasons, hardware issues can also trouble you while connecting router to extender.

For instance, if there is any loose or damaged Ethernet cables, non-working modem, infected computer or mobile, and damaged extender then, you cannot access Internet with Netgear extender.

Hope, you have been able to find the error sign that’s stopping you from connecting extender with router.

Unable to connect Netgear extender with cable internet connection?

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If somehow, you still can’t relate to any of the issues above- DON’T panic!

As, the list is quite long for the reasons; so you may even share your issue directly with the Router login experts, and get the solution.

Error Signs of Extender router connectivity problem

Check out some more symptoms that relate with new extender router connection issue:

Now, it’s time to get started and troubleshoot Netgear extender that won’t connect to Internet.

Solutions for ‘Wifi Extender not connecting to Internet’ error

When your extender refuses to connect with Internet, here’s what you must do:

  1. Place the router away from all radio waves emitting devices like Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones. Also, make sure no reflective material is kept nearby router.
  2. Likewise, mount your extender high on wall in wall center instead of placing it in room corner at some low-level.
  3. If you have just bought a new extender then, configure it by placing near the router.

For more detailed steps on Netgear router-extender setup, see New Extender Setup.

  1. Update Netgear router firmware properly. In case, you failed to update directly then, repeat the process using TFTP2 client software.
  2. Contact your ISP if you see no or red color light on modem.
  3. Open Control Panel or device settings and update Network drivers.
  4. Clear all the cookies on browser window that you use often and also, ensure there’s no malware on device that’s triggering ‘Netgear extender not connecting to router’ problem.
  5. Check for any activated pop-up blockers on your wifi accessing device and disable it immediately.
  6. Last but not least, disable any security software on your device for the time your extender doesn’t connect to router.

Now, it’s time for real technical troubleshoot!

Important:  Its different situations that sometimes cause Internet connection to lose on Netgear extender.

So, try to match your situation with the scenarios defined below and get the relevant enclosed solution.

Is Netgear extender not connecting to network?

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Situation 1: Netgear extender cannot detect SSID name

Netgear extender won’t see network name either during the extender-router setup or after being moved to other location.

No matter in what situation you are, simply do this:

  1. Power cycle the extender, router and computer/mobile connected to router.
  2. After successful reboot, if still Netgear Extender not connecting to wifi then, go to net window from any browser.
  3. Login with valid credentials and tap on Advanced tab->Wireless Settings on left panel.
  4. Then, check and ensure that both the network ranges 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz are enabled.
  5. In case, after applying the above settings, the router's SSID name is still hidden then, login mywifiext.net from any browser window.

Note: if you don't have a Netgear Extender account, create one.

  1. After entering the extender home screen, if router's SSID still doesn't show then, select the checkbox: 'Manually input my wireless SSID' option.
  2. Type in router's SSID and security questions.
  3. If the extender initializes connection, provide the extender wifi network SSID and password.
  4. Finally, connect the devices to new wireless network of extender and tap Continue to finish the process.

Situation 2: Cannot access the Internet with new Netgear extender

If your old extender connected easily with the router but new Extender has no internet then, here are your steps to follow:

  1. Connect your computer or mobile to extender.

Note: If using computer, connect using Ethernet cable.

  1. Next, login mywifiext.net and enter the Wifi settings from left panel.
  2. Then, select “Enable 2.4 GHz WI-FI” or “Enable 5 GHz WI-FI” and “Broadcast this Network name (SSID)” option.
  3. Also, check the SSID assigned to range extender and ensure that you are looking for correct network name.
  4. If still Netgear extender not connecting to wifi then, renew DHCP settings for correct IP address.

For more information on how to set the IP address on extender and router, check Routerlogin.net.

Bothered by Netgear nighthawk no internet on extender?

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Situation 3: Wifi Extender configured but not connecting to Internet

The situation-‘Unable to connect to internet on extender’ mainly arises when your extender's firmware is outdated or corrupt. Insufficient power supply can also trigger this error.

Hence, to fix it, follow the troubleshooting steps defined below:

  1. First and foremost, check for proper power supply to both router and extender.
  2. Try to reset extender using small paper clip like pin and wait unless it enters the setup mode again.
  3. If you see any power LED light blinking on extender then, download latest firmware and save it on your device like computer.
  4. Next, download and install TFTP software on device.
  5. Assign a static IP address to computer or mobile that lies in the range of extender.

For instance, provide the IP address:

  1. Subnet mask:
  2. Default Gateway:

Note: Leave the DNS box empty and power cycle the computer or mobile after assigning the values.

  1. Now, on computer- open Command prompt from Windows Start menu and ping the IP address defined above.
  2. After you get the reply, update Netgear router firmware using TFTP2 client software.

For detailed steps, check the guide: Netgear router firmware update Failed.

The solution also works for situation: Installed New Netgear WiFi Range extender but new network has no internet access.

Situation 4: Netgear extender failed to build connection with router after Settings Change

This problem ‘Range Extender Won't Connect to Wireless Router’ itself explains the solution i.e. you need to restore system changes on device so; the extender can connect to Internet like earlier.

The steps for it are as follows:

  1. On Windows start menu field, type Create a restore point and hit enter on the same option.
  2. On System properties window, tap on System Protection tab and go down to Protection Settings section.
  3. Choose the drive where system changes have recently occurred and click on Configure button.

Note: Most likely its the primary drive like C:/.

  1. Choose 'Turn on System protection' radio button and tap on OK.
  2. Later, create a system restore point from the same window and then, click on System restore button under 'System protection' window.
  3. Click on NEXT button and you'll get all the recent changes on system.
  4. Choose the one that you want to restore and tap on Next and FINISH.

Note: If prompted, tap on YES button for final confirmation.

  1. Windows will restart your PC and you can try connecting your extender to wifi again.

Still Wifi Extender not connecting to Internet?

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