Default router username and password not working | Recommended Fix

Do you see ‘invalid error message’ after typing default router username and password on screen?

After you reset router, does router default login credentials still not working?

default router username and password not working

No worries! Follow the troubleshooting steps in article and  fix router login and password issues.

What's there in the guide?

As, you navigate through the post, you’ll find:

  • All possible situations causing router username and password to fail
  • Consequences of Netgear router password and username not working
  • Handy solutions when you can't login to router using default login credentials
  • Complete Troubleshooting of Netgear router login password failure

So, let's start and troubleshoot the error!

When do Netgear router default username & password fails?

The error message invalid username or password appears on router after:

  • You typed username 'admin'
  • You entered Netgear router default password


  • After you hit LOGIN button post typing the default router credentials

Apart from above scenarios, you’ll see Netgear router login password won’t work if:

  • Router red light keeps blinking
  • No power LED light on router
  • No internet or DSL light flashing on router
  • Modem isn’t working

What are the possible effects of credentials not working?

You need router credentials for smooth operation of network.

In case, you don't have one, there are high chances that you will soon get trapped with following other errors, like:

  1. You will see router orange light above Internet label, as admin username and default password will refuse to connect with router.
  2. Secondly, you'll never be able to update Netgear router firmware as you need Netgear login access for it.
  3. Your device won't detect 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz network, if you don't have default router’s username and password. As, to enable these settings, you need to enter router settings.
  4. When refuses to accept default Netgear login credentials, you'll have NO internet connection. As a result, you will have red light flashing on router.

Similarly, there are many errors that remain unsolved, if you keep getting invalid error message for default router logins.

Why router sign-in screen won’t accept password and username?

Inaccurate and misspelled credentials are the major reasons for router's username and password not working.

However, the list doesn’t end here!

To find out other causes for router default logins not working, check out the list below:

Reason 1: Old username password saved in Browser settings

Did you change the router?

Or, the password assigned to it?

If so, that implies your current router default  username and password won't work. 

What can you do?

Delete the router username password saved in browser settings, for a FRESH start!

In case , you can't enter router sign-in window, click here to find the IP address. 

Reason 2: Changed default router Credentials accidentally in settings

If you change router login information without following the procedure prescribed, you will lose access to router.

For instance, while customizing router settings, you also changed the value in username and password field.

To fix this error, reset Netgear router or ask Router login experts to help you for the same.

Reason 3: Same SSID assigned to different routers

Cannot access username and password of router?

This most likely happens when you assign same name to two different routers at your place.

Important: Make sure no two router in one place have same name. So, you can choose the desired router's network and type correct Netgear password.

Also, remember you cannot connect to Network 2, if your device is already accessing network 1. Trying to do so, may return errors like router credentials not working.

Reason 4: Router default username and password is hacked

You can no longer access the router settings when someone hacks the login credentials of your router.


If you have changed router credentials long back then also, you'll see invalid username and password error messages.

Reason 5: Typing Inaccurate Password

If you type username or password of your relatives or friends' router, it will most probably reject. As, not all routers have same logins!

Reason 6: Misspelled Username or Password Login

Did you type the login credentials provided at router's back?

Are you still seeing wrong username and password error? 

If YES! It means you are ignoring the case-sensitive clause of sign in credentials.

Help me! Default Netgear router login credentials not responding

Ask Router Login Support team for solution @866-317-4606

Steps to login Router using password and username

Make sure you follow the right steps, if you want to resolve the issue of Netgear login default.

The steps to fix it are:

  1. Turn router upside down and check for the username and password next to bar code as, shown in image below.default router username and password
  1. Then, go to any browser window of your device and type username and password in the prompted field.
  2. In case, you can’t find any default login for Netgear router then, check out the link below and find router sign-in information.

For Netgear default username and password still not working, check out some technical solutions below to fix the error.

Troubleshoot Router default username and password not working error

Before you pull your hair due to router not accepting password and username; try these solutions:

  1. First and foremost, connect router and modem cables properly.
  2. Check the ports of wifi accessing device and router. If you find them loose or damaged, try connecting to other ports for smooth connection.
  3. Use test pin and ensure the power outlet gives enough supply for the router to TURN ON and work.
  4. Reset Router to factory default settings that also includes its login password. 

Note: The solution also applies for new router.

  1. If router default password and username still not working then, go to browser settings.
  2. Scroll down to ‘Advanced’ section and search for Saved password option.
  3. Search router IP or domain name and press DELETE to remove router username and password.
  4. Finally, restart your browser window and try using the password & username written below router’s hardware.

Bothered by Netgear default username and password not working?

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