Terms & Conditions

Website, we, or us here stands for www.route-rlogin.net.

User refers to any individual, group, company, institution, or organization.

And, this website is completely owned by Robo Router support.

The following set of terms and conditions automatically applies to all individuals, groups, or organizations that use the information, images, content, and logo provided on route-rlogin.net and its subsidiaries. This website is wholly regulated by the terms and conditions stated underneath.

Important: Robo Router Support is an autonomous Technical Support company that helps people troubleshoot their Router and Extender via remote or other means of assistance.

However, we completely disclaim any sort of affiliation with any of the Router or Extender brands like Netgear, TP-Link, Linksys, Zyxel, etc.

Services and Access to Website

  1. As, said earlier Route-Rlogin includes Support service for the following products:
  2. Router
  3. Extender
  4. Any individual, company, group, or organization has to subscribe for Robo router Technical Services at  +1-866-317-4606.
  5. , before availing the benefits.

In case of one-time support, the concerned individual or organization has to pay the technician fee.

  • Applying for our router service registration implies that a user accepts all the terms and conditions stated herein. However, the right to cancel service of any customer lies solely with Robo Router Support.
  • If the user violates any legal terms & conditions of Robo Router Support OR indulge in any abusive or offensive conduct- his right to access the website and its services will be discontinued without any prior information or warning.
  • All users accessing the website are strictly prohibited from entering in restricted area of the website. In case, of any attempt to such areas or information on website- the user will be liable to court trial or punishment.

User Duties

  • All users requesting for our Technical services undertakes to provide complete and true information. However, in any circumstances, if the contact or any other relating information gets changed, user must inform Robo Router Support without any delay.
  • Our online and remote technical services are available to only those users who have subscribed for Robo Route Support.  However, if you also want to avail this technical service and benefits of company online, please call Tech Support representative at +1-866-317-4606.
  • No user- whether subscribed or unsubscribed is allowed to copy, modify, delete, or re-write any data/ information used in the website.


  1. Robo Router Support doesn’t hold or provide any warranty for the information/ product on website. Additionally, we disclaim any authority, accuracy, or integrity of the information on website from other sources.
  2. The Robo router support at no level takes liability of the after-effects that come from the usage of information on the website.
  3. However, we can ensure that no products or possible links used on website are illegal or promote any sort of offensive content.
  4. Moreover, Robo router support in no time (whether present or future) has control over the content available on other linked websites. Thus, we hold no responsibility for any illegal content and especially loss that may incur from the access of these websites.

Usage of log data and cookies

  1. Information relating user or visitor gets automatically saved on website, when they access it. It also comprises info of device that you use, like laptop, PC, mobile, or corresponding browser.

Content Responsibility and Modification

‘Content’ on website refers to support services, software, any written material or other information shared.

  1. Robo Router Support holds all the right to add, configure, and delete this content of website without any prior notice.
  2. Users accessing the website even after the changes are made (like adding extra charges or removing any special offer) imply that the concerned identity has accepted all modifications without any conflict.
  3. We do not hold any credibility of the information shared on website. Thus, we neither hold any responsibility nor oblige anyone to access them.

 Content Access

  1. Users are strictly prohibited from manipulating the content, software, or any material present on website in a way that affects’ the website’s reputation and performance.
  2. Robo router support has the proprietary rights on all the graphics, design, images, logos, and photographs on Route-Rlogin.com.
  3. None of the site’s user or visitor is allowed to post website related content at any newsgroup, bulletin boards, or mail lists.

Modifications on Instructions of Use

Robo Router Support holds all the right to add, change, or delete any terms and conditions herein, without any prior notice and specified reason. However, there are chances that the subscribed users of Route-Rlogin may be informed about certain changes.

In case, no one files any written objection against the publication of changed or added policies, it will be considered as valid.

Other Conditions:

  1. All users are strictly prohibited from using the identity of the already subscribed members of Robo Router support.
  2. Robo router support does no guarantee the fix to your problem via troubleshooting stated on website.
  3. We shall not be contacted from any claims of your device damage that incur from the use of the website. As we are an independent and third-party support service.
  4. Moreover, there are certain typographical errors, for which we do expressions of remorse.

Note: Before you start accessing Route-Rlogin, it is advised to read all the terms and conditions thoroughly.